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Quality Measures

The American College of Gastroenterology among other entities have determined several factors that deserve special attention to help improve the quality of colonoscopy, and here are a few of the items that can be selectively tracked in performance improvement programs within a practice:

- Colonoscopy is being performed for an approved indication
- Colon cleansing preps are being administered in a way to optimize
  visualization of the colon

- The cecum (where the colon begins) is being reached 95% of the time or
- The scope is being withdrawn 6 minutes or longer (on average) to allow
   sufficient time for examination of the colon
- Adenomatous polyps are being detected in > 25% of men, and > 15% of
   women during routine screening examinations of the colon
- Once adenomatous polyps have been detected, the next examination is being
  done at an appropriate interval, not too soon, and not in a delayed manner

- Biopsies are being routinely taken when evaluating patients with diarrhea, or
   when following up patients with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis